Solar technology has been around since the 1950s. It used to be more expensive during that time, but thanks to industry development and advancement, many of the best solar companies in Orlando now offer solar power panels at a very reasonable price.

Benefits usually consist of lessened electricity bills, low carbon footprint, and potentially higher home value. Many questions and concerns arise in a homeowner’s mind if solar panels are worth the price.

What Are Solar Panels?

Solar energy is the most abundant source of energy on this planet. An approximate 340 W/m2 of solar energy strikes the Earth on a clear day. When solar energy strikes these solar cells, they convert the solar energy to electrical energy. The most efficient solar panel can convert up to 22% of the solar radiation to electricity.

What Are the Benefits of a Solar Power System in Your Home?

The most significant benefit of solar power is that you can generate all your electricity on your own. And if you can create more electricity than your required amount, you can sell extra to utility companies. They will pay you accordingly. 

Solar panels are also highly durable. The most common guarantee provided by solar panel companies is around 25 years. They can run a lot longer than the guaranteed time without any significant power loss. Solar panels also require less maintenance. These panels won’t cost you much after being installed. 

National Renewable Energy Laboratory has stated that a home with solar panels installed on them will be sold at a higher price and earlier than homes without solar panels. When a buyer is given a choice to buy a house, they will most likely favor the one with a solar power system. Thus, solar energy systems add value to your home.

Is A Solar Power System Cost-Effective for Your Home?

In most cases, a solar power system is a brilliant investment. But you should consider certain things before buying a solar power system. 

1. The Cost of Solar Panels Is Gradually Decreasing!

As the market for solar panels has gained an immense boost in recent years, the costs of solar panels are decreasing. Furthermore, due to progress and advancement in the technology of solar power systems, the cost of manufacturing these panels saw a significant decrease. Consequently, the cost of installing solar power has decreased simultaneously.

2. The Most Cost-Effective Way of Buying a Solar Power System

Most of the companies will lease solar panel systems to your home. This arrangement isn’t considered effective as the solar company owns the panels and the profit from them. Although leasing a solar system will decrease your monthly electrical bills but owning your own panels is the most financially effective.

3. Solar Panels Can Generate Income!

Extra energy can be stored using net metering and storage. Net meters utilize the extra energy and make it flow back to the power grid. This won’t only eliminate your utility bills completely but will put money back into your pockets. Therefore, owning a full solar power system helps you to create additional income.

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Solar panels are the future of your energy needs. If you want to protect the environment and save money in the long run, then use a solar system by Spectrum Solar at your home or office in Orlando.