My husband had a big company come to the house last year to tell us about solar energy and how we could save money. We were really excited about it until the company told us the our cement roof would not qualify because they couldn’t put the panels on a cement roof. I ran into the president of Spectrum Solar Power at a grocery store and saw his shirt that said solar energy. I told him I had looked into it and was told my roof would not qualify. He was so helpful in explaining to me why some companies don’t install panels on cement roofs. He offered to have someone come take a look at the roof at no cost. When the representative came out, he looked at everything and determined they could get it done. Not only did they come out and install my brand new solar system, they actually were about 10 percent cheaper than the other company that came out. I was so lucky to run into that gentleman and I’m very happy with the work that the company did.