The efficiency of your solar panels depends upon their exposure to sunlight. Naturally, there are some states that receive more sunlight compared to others. That’s why they can generate more solar energy compared to other countries. In today’s article, we will discuss those locations where you can get the maximum output for your solar panels. Besides that, we will also discuss the adjustment for the placement of your solar panels by which you can achieve the max output according to your location.

Although solar energy depends upon sunlight, the location plays a vital part. It is because solar panels are able to generate solar energy only in the daytime. At nighttime, they use the energy generated in the daytime. Therefore, the system’s dependence here is based upon the amount of sunlight absorbed during the daytime. But before we start with our topic today, let us get a brief review of the installation of solar panels.

How to Achieve Maximum Exposure to The Sun on Your Panels?

As of now, we are aware of the fact that maximum sunlight exposure will generate maximum solar energy. Therefore, you have to adjust solar panels on your rooftop in such a way that it receives max sunlight. Even though sunlight exposure is geographically dependent, but you can still try to achieve sufficient sunlight in your area. For this reason, you have to adjust your solar panels in such a way that it faces the south direction. This is because the sun rises from the east and sets back in the west. There is a difference between the “magnetic south” and the “actual south” You have to differentiate both of them as we are talking about the actual south here.

Besides this, the angle of your roof greatly influences your solar panel’s efficiency. We use a specific term for this angle of roof that is called “roof pitch.”

If your roof is horizontal, it is perfect for the initialization of solar panels. Even if your rooftop isn’t horizontal, it is totally fine, too, as it would still be able to get sunlight. You just have to adjust it in such a way that it faces towards the south.

What Are the Best Roof Shapes for Solar Panels?

The shape and style of the rooftops greatly affect the productivity of your solar panels. There are multiple styles and shapes of rooftops out there, but only some of them are efficient for solar panels. For example, if the rooftop is horizontal and it is exposed to sunlight from all the directions of south, east, west, and north, then it would resonance with the output of solar panels. If the pitch is too steep, it would be difficult to install them, and the maintenance cost will be higher than usual. Considerable space is required to install the solar panels because the size of an average residential solar panel size is 69×35 inches. You would require multiple solar panels to run your household. It should be ensured that the solar panels would not be overshadowed by any object. It would drastically decrease their efficiency. Consequently, you would get a limited supply of electricity through the panels. There are also certain companies that wouldn’t install your solar panels if your roof pitch is over 9/12 or if you have a clay roof.

What Roof Are Types Essential for Installing Solar Panels?

Note that solar panels can be installed on every rooftop type. But the installing cost varies according to the rooftop type. The common material that the rooftops are made of are asphalt, tile, wood, shake, rubber, copper, and metal. Solar panels can be installed on the rooftop made from wood, rubber, and shake. But it requires more installing cost. Consequently, more equipment is required to set these solar panels.

What Is the Best Position of Your Solar Panels with Net Metering?

If you are located in such area that has 1:1 net metering, then the best position to install your solar panels is south. There is a reason for that. If you have 1:1 net metering, then you would require more energy to be stored for the nighttime. During the midday, solar panels are at their optimal state. They even produce more energy than the required amount. Panel facing towards the south manage to generate more electricity comparatively. Thus, the extra credits are stored and sent back to the grids when required. These credits can be stored and later be sold to the utility companies at a very good rate. Thus, you can not only eliminate your utility bills completely but also generate some profit from your self-produced credits.

How Does Shade Affect the Productivity of Your Solar Panels?

Shade can drastically reduce the efficiency of your solar panels. Many people love to have trees and plants in their houses because they look pretty and give a fresh look to your house. The shade of these trees might cause hindrance in the way of sunlight to the panels. That’s why it is necessary for you to prevent your solar panels from getting any kind of shade.

Final Thoughts

We have learned today that geographical factors matter when you are installing solar panels. But you still can maximize the production of your solar panels by adjusting them in the right direction. The south direction is considered the most optimal facing direction for the solar panels, as we have discussed above. You can try to prevent any kind of shadow from falling on your solar panels by performing little adjustments.

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